Rehearsed Readings at HopFestFringe

The 5 rehearsed readings in September 2016 at HopFestFringe were our first productions and one of the reasons for forming Hand of Doom Productions. HopFestFringe is a new fringe festival running alongside the world-famous Faversham Hop Festival.

We split the plays into two shows:

Show 1

Jack Conroy, an ambitious English record exec, has been offered the job he’s always worked for – head of the US division. He flies to New York only to receive the news that an American rival is out to sabotage his appointment. While his future is being decided by the board and chairman, Jack is left alone in a hotel room waiting to hear the outcome. Will he get the job or will he find himself on a plane back to England, humiliated and the laughing stock of the industry? As he waits for the Chairman’s decision isolated and alone in his suite, Jack’s only allies are Kenny, an incompetent bell boy and Gloria, a hooker who has career advice that might help Jack succeed … or possibly fail spectacularly!

Poster for Butterscotch, one of the rehearsed readingsBUTTERSCOTCH by Ribs Norman
Marilyn dreads the postman. Martin can’t communicate. Melissa is wearing a tea cosy. Morris suspects everyone of a serious crime. A touching play about love and regret when time is in short supply.

Show 2

SWIFTS by Charles Orrell

We didn’t sell many tickets ahead of the shows (handled by HopFestFringe via TicketSource), but we did have a lot of walkups. Audience response was great and the playwrights were all very happy. We’ll definitely put on more rehearsed readings again at HopFestFringe next year (and more before then!).

Safe Word at HopFestFringe

Poster for Safe Word play

HopFestFringe saw the third production of Ribs Norman’s Safe Word, after previous performances with the same cast at Spotlight in London for Actor Awareness and as part of Short Is The New Black at Hastings Fringe.

SAFE WORD is “a tale of boy meets girl in the digital age, with real ale and capes” and runs to around 15 minutes, with a cast of three. Soph, 41, was played by Hayley-Marie Axe, Lucy, 41, was played by Olivia Murray, and Ulrik, 39, was played by Tarquin Taylor. All three actors put in stellar performances in all venues.