Calling All Playwrights!

Have you written a short play, either specifically for radio, or one that could be adapted for radio? We’re planning to start a weekly magazine-style podcast featuring a radio play, some short stories and interviews with authors. This podcast might also become a regular show on a local community radio station.

We’re looking for are plays that are no longer than 15 minutes long, with a small cast. Genre – drama, comedy, sci-fi, political thriller – anything goes.

Sadly we have no funds at this stage, but plays will become part of a podcast which will be available for download, so people will at least get to hear your work. All rights remain with you, naturally.

If you’ve got something you think might be suitable, drop us a line at highfive (at) And if you’re an actor, producer or someone who fancies doing some foley work, we’d love to hear from you too. (We’ve got a lot of short stories lined up, but when we run out we’ll post a call out, so keep your eyes peeled.)

UPDATE 28.11: Submissions can come from anywhere in the world 🙂